New Point S.p.a. – OP Ocean Pacific licensee for Italy

OP Ocean Pacific

Surfing is a state of mind where sooner or later you lose yourself and then find yourself


The OP OCEAN PACIFIC brand was created by John Smith in 1960 as a surfboard brand.

Smith designed the original trademark and label for his surfboards which soon became a “must have” due to their originality and style. John sold his surfboards at the North County Ding Repair shop, well-known to all the local surfers. Smith’s friend, Fred Ryan, a surfing enthusiast, decided to take over the brand and the by-then famous Ocean Pacific label. In a short time, OP Ocean Pacific had become the main reference for surfers and “free spirits” from all over the world. It was then that Don Hansen, of the Hansen Surf Shop chain, lost no time in making a new offer to buy and obtain the famous brand, turning it into a lifestyle.

Sold all over the world, “OP” is still today a reference brand for lifestyle surfers.

New Point, the brand’s licensee, has been distributing OP Ocean Pacific throughout Italy since 2014 and opening its way into the retail world since 2018.


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New Point S.p.a. – OP Ocean Pacific licensee for Italy


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